Check out the updates!

I recently added a bunch of new resources for JETs to the website. If you have questions about Insurance, Taxes, or even Travel Tips, please check out the new tab: Resources for Current JETs.

If your questions can’t be answered there or there is another topic you want support on, please email me at


Spring is around the corner

As seems to be the trend, this website was once again lost in the shuffle of new ALTs coming to Kanagawa. Once again, it has been updated with new information! I believe this website was created with the intention of having a place for Kanagawa JET Program Participants to share resources and foster community. I hope that it will be more successful in achieving this goal than it has been in the past. Though I am new to the program, I hope that my enthusiasm can outweigh my inexperience and that I can lead Kanagawa JETs towards this ideal. 


Summer has arrived!

Indeed summer is here, and it is formidable. Even as I write it is almost 30ºC outside with humidity at 81%! Summer in Kanagawa can be really uncomfortable, even if you are not directly in the sun (which I do not recommend for prolonged periods of time) the humidity will wrap around you even in the shade. So time to bring out all the fans and air-cons you have! Eating mint ice-cream that all the konbini’s have started stocking doesn’t hurt either.

Kanagawa is on the coast so if you want you can make use of the beaches and the sea that for some are a short train journey away. I myself am close enough to Enoshima if I want to go for a dip. If you want to go somewhere truly tropical then our neighbour Shizuoka which boasts the Izu Peninsula, a place with some truly stunning beaches and scenery. I will be heading there for a beach weekend this month to really appreciate the sun rather than feel stifled in my room and office. If you love a good surf then Chiba is not too far either and is known to have some of the best surfing around. So you see, there are ways to not only combat but enjoy the summer sun here.

Here in Japan summer doesn’t just come with heat but also with festivals! Known as Matsuri (まつり) they are hugely important here and they are everywhere, selling food, having parades and setting off so many fireworks they really are a visual spectacle and not one to be missed. Luckily for the JETs we arrive with this in full swing and here in Kanagawa there are plenty to pick from. So go out and enjoy them, eat as much as you can and have a great time!

From Laura.

Warmer Weather



It has been a long time since this website was last updated and we have a lot of change in terms of the JETs working here in Kanagawa, you can check them out on the About Kanagawa JETs page. We have looked at updating the website and adding more features to give everyone a better idea of what it is like living here in Kanagawa.

So now the weather is getting warmer we are all venturing outdoors a lot more now, warmer weather is better for arranging trips to places and for making the most out of all that Kanagawa has to offer. Right now we are currently enjoying the flowers coming out in full bloom everywhere giving Kanagawa a much more tropical feel than it has had in the last 6 months or so. This is a great time to go exploring places like Kamakura and Enoshima and take in all the gardens that are available for viewing (Enoshima gets particularly busy over the summer so now is a great time to go to beat the crowds).

Golden week is not too far away and there will be a lot of events all over the country to enjoy. Whether you use this time as an opportunity to travel elsewhere in Japan or stay here in Kanagawa there is so much on offer and a great chance to get to know more about the culture and communities here in Japan.  Look out for the flying Koi Fish kites that are a symbol of Children’ Day and will be everywhere!

Have a great Spring!


New Website!

After a lot of contemplation, we are proud to present our new site for Kanagawa JETs!

We’ve gotten a wide variety of messages and e-mails so far, all along the lines of, “Who’s the PA in Kanagawa?” or “Do you know any other JETs in Kanagawa?” or “Is there some sort of Kanagawa AJET?” that made us realize just how little information is available on the Web about us. Not only is it hard to contact us, but many people aren’t even sure that we exist! We needed to rectify that.

This site is still under construction, but we plan to add a lot of information within the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for updates!